Below you find our beautifil new venues for dancing, workshops and for dinner

Red Salon

Am Speicher XI 1
28217 Bremen-Overseas-Ports


480 m2 dividable total area.
In addition to  310 m² tastefully designed dancefloor (250 m² completely free of pillars equipped superb wooden sprung floor), an enviting foyer, beverages counter, toilettes, wardrobe and dressing room are available. We´ll use the Red Salon as our main dancefloor.








Speicherbühne Bremen

Am Speicher XI 4.1
28217 Bremen-Überseestadt

speicherbuehne theater bremen raueme 1200x220

Speicherbühne is an experimental theatrical space at Bremen, including performances, music, readingsand theater-workshops.
Our Workshop area is called Speicherbühne at 100m distance from the main dance floor. It´s the home of Tanguerilla

speicherbuehne theater bremen foyerRooms
The theatre hall with 225 qm offers ample room for our workshops

The foyer with 75 qm and wide views to the theatre hall contains our NTR Café and offers a very pleasant place for relaxation and recreation

We´ll use the Speicherbühn as a generously dimensioned workshop. area.



Ports at Speicher XI

Am Speicher XI 1
28217 Bremen

Ports 03

The ground floor houses the restaurant »Ports at Speicher XI«
The restaurant have 75 seats sand 70 outdoor seats at it's disposal.

In case we´ll find enough guests they will offer a favorable evening buffet.