NeotangoRave - Visual Tango Poetry



Registration start
2nd September 2021, 2:00 pm

Our last years' experience carried out, that NTR20 will be fully booked within minutes.
In order to simplify and speed up the booking process you are able to register for an account from now.

• we expect (in fact urgently need) voluntary donations for the equipment and rooms rental

• every participant can apply for the lineup of djs and djanes, vjs and vanes, teachers and performers, if sufficient skills, knowledge and ability could be proven.

• the event is based on self catering and your own arrangement of accommodation

• in summary: we will need every voluntary hand for the organization, e.g. setup and unmount of the equipment

We are convinced that in the course of the financial market crisis alternative, international tango events should be affordable for all budgets. This is particularly applicable to dancers from economical crisis regions in South- and East-Europe, but applies equally to the social periphery of the European major cities as well. They are the »orillas« of today.

The overly used term »social tango« can be used here literally.

The workshops of neoTANGO Rave show the dance diversity of neoTANGO and the high quality of the teachers. They last 60 minutes and cost 10 € per person, payable directly to the teachers before the beginning of the workshop.
The workshops can be booked on site from 3 July 20 after check-in.

Learning is like rowing against the tide.
Once you stop, you drift back.



Flamencostudio Bremen

man-66939 150The workshops take place at Flamencostudio Bremen.
The venue is located approx. 200 m away directly opposite.