Based in Paris

Raffaella Tempesta

Raffaella is an actress and a dancer. Her first meeting with Tango occurs in Paris in the years 2000, and she dances on stage for the first time in 2009. This is also where she discovers Contact Dance. Very fast, a connection is made: both dances complement one another and she then specializes in Contact Tango.

With her background in contemporary dance and theatre, she develops the Tango Free Style: where tango is considered freely, with an original twist, where codes are challenged with a game of going back and forth between shape to destructuring. Searching our own movement, with autonomy and enjoyment, is the basics of her teaching, aiming to allow each dancer to develop their dance in a personal, deep and poetic way.

Often on the road for international festivals and marathons, Raffaella is also a Neotango dj, and a teacher and performer in Paris where she is the organizer of the Neolonga.


Tango, exploration, improvisation...

An alternating play of form and its absence, of abrazo and abrazo released: we imagine tango as a play between Following and being followed. Trough a subtle connection with or without contact, dialogue is created and tango reveals itself as improvisation, that will transform into sheer experiment